Ingenieurgemeinschaft IgH

About Us

We see ourselves as partners of our customers. For these we look for an optimal technical solution by starting from basic physical principles and working out the best result through systematic analysis. We attach great importance to an unbureaucratic and cooperative relationship based on trust, which is supported by the quality of our work.

We accompany our customers during the entire period of cooperation. This begins with the joint definition of tasks or creation of specifications, continues with the conception and validation of these and the subsequent implementation and integration.

Our development services are completely available to the customer in open sources and formats. The IgH does not aim at securing know-how through property rights. This means that our customers receive all the information they need to make further developments freely and independently. IgH has been following this open source philosophy for hardware and software for several years in all development projects with great success and positive feedback from customers, who see it as a contribution to investment protection.