Measurement of screw connections

Screw Connection Test Rig

Product details:

Measuring the axial force and torque on a screw connection.

This test rig is used to measure the axial force and torque on a screw connection. The required multi-turn actuator with torque and speed measurement is located on the top of the test rig. The counter bearing and drive unit are axially adjustable on a carriage. The connection is fixed positively and backlash-free in a collet chuck. The test area is equipped with a transparent protective hood that prevents reaching into moving machine parts. Power supply, automation and evaluation of the sensor signals are integrated into the test rig.

Measuring the axial force and torque on a screw connection

Measuring Unit

The torque is measured during the assembly process of the screw connection, which is clamped in a counter bearing. The automated process can be made up of a series of partial steps in which the torque and angle of rotation as well as the angular speed can be specified and are automatically started and adjusted by the rotary unit. During assembly, torque and angle of rotation are continuously recorded and - if required - stored as a protocol after the tightening process.

In order to measure the axial force, the screw connection is optionally equipped with a capacitive distance sensor. This measures the elongation of the test item when tightening the screw connection, from which the axial force is calculated.

Calibration Unit

There is an extractable drawer below the test table, which is equipped with a measuring device. It enables the alignment from the elongation of the test item with the axial force.

Calibration Unit


The test rig is controlled by an industrial PC. All important functions can be accessed via a multi-touch tablet which can be adjusted in position and orientation.

Technical data:

mass: 480 kg
dimensions: H = 1900 mm
L = 1700mm
W = 800 mm
electrical installed power: 3 kW
torque: ±500 Nm
maximum speed: 60°/s
maximum diameter of the test item: ~300 mm
supply: 400 VAC / 50 Hz

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