oil-operated camshaft timers

Camshaft Timer Test Rig

Product details:

Measurement of mechanical/hydraulic characteristics of oil-operated camshaft timers.

The test rig is used to measure the mechanical/hydraulic properties of oil-operated cam timers. These properties include leakage values, friction torques, the swivel range, angular clearances and dynamic pressures.

The test rig is used both in development and as an EOL (end-of-line) tester and can perform acceptance measurements fully automatically.

Measuring Unit

Leakage values are measured by means of a highly accurate pressure control system up to 6 bar. Through a cascade of leakage-free switching valves, any flow scenarios can be set on the test item. The test rig has a total of four controllable pressure channels. The leakage is detected with a highly accurate displacement sensor in a measuring range up to 10 l/min.

The measurements are carried out at defined media temperatures, which are regulated by active cooling and heating.

Via a swivel unit the measurements can be carried out in any angular position of the test specimen.

Friction, swivel range and angular play are measured by means of an electromotive rotary axis. This axis has a highly accurate torque (measuring range +/-50 Nm, accuracy +/-0.1%) and angle sensor.

The axial forces acting on the test item are monitored with a force sensor (measuring range +/-500N, accuracy +/-1%) integrated in the torque sensor.

All measuring functions can also be performed oil-free, i.e. without a test medium, with compressed air.

Camshaft Timer Test Rig

Test Item Control

The test items are identified on the basis of the type code and the serial number. The configuration is selected automatically on the basis of this information.

Measurement Data Recording and Evaluation

The storage of measurement data, the creation of graphical protocols and evaluations is done automatically. During the course of a measurement, the control values of the test rig are checked for compliance with the tolerances defined in the measurement specification.

Technical data:

dimensions: L = 2300 mm
W = 950 mm
D = 1850 mm
mass: 1000 kg
electrical installed power: 3,5 kW
maximum test pressure: 6 bar
maximum swivel moment: 30 Nm
temperature range: 30° C to 120° C

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