Realistic load simulations

Car Jack Test Rig

Product details:

Test rig for realistic load simulation of car jacks.

The test rig is used for realistic load simulations of car jacks. These jacks can be tested to failure in definable test cycles. All test results are automatically documented.


A head plate is positioned in space via six hydraulic servo axes, simulating the movement and weight of the vehicle. The car jack is placed on an exchangeable base, which is mounted on three force sensors. By controlling the hydraulic axes, both the force on the jack and the position of the head point are automatically adjusted according to a nominal curve.

A head plate is positioned in space via six hydraulic servo axes

Control System

The control system runs by an industrial PC with a Linux operating system built into the control cabinet. The connection to the outside world is established within the company via the data network. The operating software can be used on all authorized computers in the network.

Car Jack Test Rig

Technical data:

dimensions: H = 2430 mm
W = 2500 mm
D = 2200 mm
mass: 1800 kg
sound emission: < 60 dBA
supply: 400 V / 32 A
maximum power: 9 kW
movement range of the reference point: Z = 600 mm
X = 150 mm
Y = 150 mm

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Dr.-Ing. Siegfried Rotthäuser
Dr.-Ing. Siegfried Rotthäuser
Phone: +49 (0)2 01 – 3 60 14-0