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Hydraulic Jacks

Product details:

Hydraulic jacks for the annual lifting of buildings in polar regions.


These hydraulic jacks were designed and built for the annual lifting of buildings in polar regions.

Hydraulic jack

Buildings in polar regions are subject to extreme snow fall, which buries the buildings over time. Before the creation of our hydraulic jack, research stations, for example, were often abandoned after a few years of operating due to being buried in snow and ice, or they used other forms of lifting equipment to lift the stations, periodically, out of the snow.

The mechanical adaptation of this hydraulic jack is designed for the station legs of Kohnen-Station and chemistry observatory at Neumayer-Station-III. One hydraulic jack is provided for each station leg.

Smaller stations mainly consist of a container group on a steel frame. The frame stands on steel supports that can be extended by installing new segments.

Hydraulic jacks
Hydraulic jacks

Up to now, lifting of the station was done by means of manual jacks, which had to be mounted on all station legs and operated manually. These lifting operations were physically stressful and a lot of personnel was required, because at least 4 jacks had to be operated simultaneously.

The main characteristics of this lifting system, specifically developed for this application task, are:

  • compact unit with electrically powered pump
  • lightweight lift cylinder with hollow bored rod
  • operable under polar temperatures
  • simple and robust construction
Hydraulic jacks

Technical data:

mass: 35 kg
connection: 3 x 400 VAC
power consumption: 0,3 kW
operating pressure: 210 bar
maximum lifting capacity per cylinder: 200 kN
cylinder stroke: 150 mm
stroke velocity: ca. 30 mm/min
ambient temperature (operation): -45° to +25° degrees
angle balance (cylinder axis / stroke axis): ±0,8 Grad

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