Creation of force-direction-diagrams

Force-Direction-Measurement System

Product details:

Creation of force-direction-diagrams of electricmechanical actuators or spring elements.

Force-direction measurement systems are used to create force-direction diagrams of electromechanical actuators or spring elements. The force between the test item and test rig are measured and recorded as well as the position of the force measuring point simultaneously.

For the measurement of the force-stroke characteristics of proportional or switching solenoids, the variables direction, force and electrical current as well as the clamping voltage are measured. The current can be clocked (PWM) or applied in analogue form. Investigations of the hysteresis behaviour and the effectiveness of different control concepts are possible.

Force-direction measurement systems

By means of a swivel unit on these machines, it is also possible to simulate a changed installation position and thus investigate the influence of the earth's gravity on the behaviour of the test item.

Test Item Control

The built-in power supply delivers up to 15A at voltages up to 48V. A power output stage can either connect the analog controlled DC voltage source directly to the test item or generate a PWM signal with selectable frequency. The test item can be operated in freewheeling mode or with a quenching diode.

Measuring Unit

The direction is measured via the drive spindle with a precision of 5µm. The force is measured with high-precision sensors in different measuring ranges, whereby the different sensors are recognized independently. The current is measured within the power output stage.

Measuring Unit - Force-direction measurement systems

Swivel Unit

The swivel unit can be continuously adjusted and clamped. Discrete snap-in points are provided for frequently used angular positions to simplify repeatable positioning. The center of gravity is close to the axis of rotation, which allows easy handling.

Force-direction measurement systems


The control allows a very simple and flexible operation of the measuring unit. An automated protocol is integrated for recurring measurement tasks.

Technical data:

measurement path: 430 mm
procedure speed: 0,01..20 mm/s
swivel range: 0°..180°
axial force: up to 800 N
supply voltage: up to 48 V
control current: up to 15 A
PWM control frequency: 100..10.000 Hz
accuracy of force measurement: 0,5% of the measurement range
accuracy of direction measurement(+/-25mm): 5 µm
accuracy of current measurement: 1% of the chosen measurement range

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