Mobile Digital Component Tester

Test Kit for EtherCAT-Servo Valves

Product details:

Diagnostic and commissioning tool for the control of hydraulic valves with EtherCAT® interfaces.

The tester is a diagnostic and commissioning tool for the control of hydraulic valves with EtherCAT® interfaces. It has been designed for commissioning and diagnostic tasks in locations where a control system was missing or not capable of performing these tasks.

The test kit provides the supply voltage of 24V for the valve. The setpoint for the valve movement is specified via the fieldbus interface.

Measured values recorded at the valve are read out via the fieldbus interface, transmitted and displayed on the integrated screen. The values can be individually scaled and displayed.

Test Kit for EtherCAT-Servo Valves Test Kit for EtherCAT-Servo Valves

In this particular model of the tester, the following components are pre-parameterized as sensors on the valves:

  • current valve spool position
  • sensor signal X2 (angle encoder with SSI interface)
  • sensor signal X5 (pressure sensor: 4-20 mA)
  • sensor signal X6 (pressure sensor: 4-20 mA)

The entire system is controlled via the control panel and various operating elements of the tester:

  • a potentiometer - with spring return - adjusts the setpoint for the position of the servo valve spool
  • a separate 24 V output can be used for secondary functions via a switch
  • an emergency stop button interrupts the supply voltage to the consumer

Because of the robust housing, the test kit can also be used in demanding environments. The protection category is IP67 with closed cover and IP54 with open cover.

In general, the tester can also be parameterized for other combinations of EtherCAT® valves and sensors.


Technical data:

mass: 4,5 kg
required supply: 110 - 230 V
maximum power for the separate 24V output: 2,5 A
electrical installed power: 100 W

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