Engineering Service of IgH

IgH manufactures test rigs on request and according to your needs. The most we focus on fluidic, electrical and mechatronic components and drives. Automotive, aviation, general mechanical and system engineering pertain to our main industries. The testing task is demanding, the degree of automation is high and the control systems are characterized by complex control loops.

The creation of product-specific software for automation and visualization with open source tools and under open source licenses is part of our self-image. Our Linux EtherCAT master is widely recognized and used - not only in our projects, but in countless automation solutions worldwide. We have combined the master with other software components developed by IgH under the technology name EtherLab. This toolbox provides the basis for all our automation tasks. It was published under the GPL

IgH also offers the realization of complete test fields. From concept development and planning to implementation, we provide our services flexibly and individually. If the project structure requires it, IgH also undertakes the complete realization as general contractor.

In addition to the construction and simulation of components, IgH also offers the development of prototypes and the implementation of special projects in the fields of mechanical engineering, automation technology, software and electronics. Our own prototype production works closely with service providers in our vicinity, who, for example, produce functional and fully resilient components from 3-D design data in a short time, or even fully assembled electronic boards. IgH has the possibility to build a prototype according to existing specifications or to develop a completely new one. The production of small series is also possible.